Notes from the mountian...

I'm in our cabin, cribbing a little data signal from Craig Dinsmore's Verizon card. We've had a great time running all over the mountains on foot and bike...

I love Colorado. Love has varying degrees of course, but I'd put this somewhere between I love Mac and Cheese and I love my kids, tilting towards the kids' side of the graph. The clear air and incredible views do something for me. I can hear God up here.

The kids are having an incredible time. On our first day we hiked up to the snow pack about 500ft above our cabin. The kids - and eventually Kelsey and I - did some free form skiing down the snowpack. Grayson did a spectacular end-over-tea-kettle crash into a bush. I'll post video of that when I can get it loaded up.

If you're texting me, I'm either not getting it or legitimately ignoring you. Believe the former, but don't feel bad if it's the latter.

The coffee pot calls.

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