A New (Non Federal) Program!

Announcing, the Do You Have This Book Program, or DYHTBP for, er, short.

Some years back I had an amazon wish list on the sidebar. I had two readers see books on my list that they owned but had already read, so they mailed them to me! It was cheap and they were long done reading them anyway.

So, in regards to the wish list lower down on the right...if you might have one laying around, help a brother out!


TJ said...

Have you happened to see the John Adams HBO miniseries?

Salt Racer said...

If no one sends you books, I will take this opportunity to put in a plug for paperbackswap.com.

Mail books to others. They mail books to you. My wife loves it. And it's only about $2.50-$3.50 to mail a book.

Sean The Red said...

I have the John Adams and the 1776. Both are great, the John Adams is incredible.

I should trade them, because I ened something cool to read. What are you offering?

Randy Bohlender said...


I can offer you John QUINCY Adams and raise you either of Obama's books.

Mike O said...

Here's Into The Wild

I'll go for John Quincy Adams

Where do you want ITW sent?

Mike O'Dorney
modorney at america on line dot com

Sean The Red said...

LOL. Hmmm I will take Quincy, I dont know I want to read Obama. If I want a good comedy Ill go read Shakespere.

They are waiting ont he bikes. Plus I added an old classic. Kingdoms in Conflict. Might not agee with it, but it is an interesting thoguht.