Live - the inside scoop from TheCall...

So, you're going to TheCall but you want to know what's happening behind the curtain? See, that's why you need Twitter. Granted, it's the biggest time waster since eBay, but it's also a great way to get the word out broadcast style.

"Whoa, Randy, how do I become a member of the twitterati?"

It's easy. Go to the Twitter site and sign up. Then, add TheCallDC as someone you want to follow.

In the days leading up to the gathering, watch Twitter for all the inside scoop:
  • How the stage build is coming?
  • Who makes the best latte on the Hill?
  • What the team is praying about?
  • Which guitar player forgot their extra strings?
  • Is Randy going to skydive onto The Mall at 10am?
All these tweets and more can be yours, unless you don't sign up, in which case...you'll be in the dark.

(If you're having trouble signing up or using twitter, find a 14 year old and ask them.)
Go thou and twitter.


Danielle said...

My Randy, your blog looks so fancy these days. Just not as fancy as the belt you stole from Jackson.

Randy Bohlender said...

I did not steal that belt. If, in the process, you thought I looked fancy, well, that's just an unintended result.

It was pretty fancy though.

Jess said...

What about... which worship leader always desperately has to go to the bathroom like, 30 seconds before he's supposed to be on the stage? EVERY time?

Danielle said...

At least I didn't say it was cute.