Lecture on Burningmanology

For those who missed the twitter, I'll be telling the our Burning Man story Wednesday afternoon..     Join us at theATC Call track at 2:30pm at FSM.   

You'll hear wonderful insider secrets like... What in the name of all that is holy were we thinking?    Why was Kelsey dancing around a puzzle piece in 2000?    Why is Tom Mills Mr. Monkey Pants?

Open to all, but probably most appropriate for the adventurous.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Randy,

Every once in awhile I see your heart or thoughts tugged towards the "Burners" - I don't consider myself a prophet but have a huge feeling that you will be visiting them again on the Playa....waitng on God's timing to see if this is true, but something tells me...it'd be good for you...and them.

Johnny said...

...can't wait to see it!