Help TheCall and Awakening Teen Camp

I need a church (or whatever) in DC, near the metro line, to host 150 teens/adults for nightly prayer meetings Aug 7 to Aug 13 (my birthday, by the way...).

HELP!!!! If you work for a DC church, ANSWER the stinking PHONE!

If you have a suggestion (or better yet, can make the connect) shoot me a clue ASAP.

We will fill your building with teens, prayer, and rock and roll. (for some, this might be enough not to even bother....).

If you're building is already filled with teens, prayer, and rock and roll, good for you.... :)


steven hamilton said...

hey randy

try the tapestry vineyard (not sure what kind of space they have) in rockville, maryland:


try the woodbridge vineyard (although they have a building, they aren't exactly near a metro that i know of) in woodbridge, virginia:

some others, if you haven't all ready tried:
metropolitan community church of DC:

washington community church:

new york avenue presbyterian church:

shiloh baptist church:

Donna said...

Hi Randy,
I live in the DC area and my sister is the admin for a large church. I have some phone numbers for you. Her church may be available and then there is this group called MultiChurch DC that coordinates activities between lots of area churches. That might be your best resouce. Where can I email you the phone numbers?
Donna Daigle