Giving it up for my peeps the Cincy Vineyard...

Ok, I've seen so many orchestrated music / video moments that fell flat on their faces that I'm fairly jaded, but props to Charlie, the band and the creative team for closing out VCC's Baggage series by nailing it with a live version of "People Get Ready" mixed with "I'm Free" and a killer integrated video clip.

The full video clip absolutely makes it. Go here to the June 15 video, then fast forward to the 60 minute mark. Err, I mean, listen to all of Dave's message for the full effect. Really.

Check out Dave's Blog too, where he manages to refer to something as 'crack for my soul...'. Forever the hipster wordsmith, Dave is.

Looking forward to being there Thursday night at SOS to drop the J-Bomb to bajillion students and youth pastors.

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Marci Lewellen said...

Your teaching is going to be great... I am so excited for you and them :)