Wednesday in a nut shell...

This morning started with a meeting with photographer/artist Steve Willis, who is working on the new shirt for TheCall DC. Without giving it away, it rocketh. If you liked the classic "Will Work for Revolution" shirt from TheCall DC in 2000, you'll like this. We're not copying it, we're playing off of it...

I then needed to cram for my Worldview class....spent a few hours in Lou's office doing that (he was off today, if 'off' includes flying to Israel late in the afternoon). I then ran to TheCall offices for a change of scenery to study - TheCall has moved out of our former bowling alley lane of an office to a gorgeous rented house. It's a great place to work - lots of hard wood and natural light. And somehow, Alysha always manages to scare up a cup of tea for me.

The afternoon was spent at The Daniel Academy, where the series on relationships continued.... I threatened to assign Life Mates at one point. Some kids actually seemed interested.

Glad to have the whole family home again...house is a little louder but I'm a lot happier. Yeah Team.

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