Randomonion - > 100 Days Edition

It is 93 days until TheCall DC. That number is burned into my brain. Overnight, it will heal over, and in the morning, 92 will be seared in it's place.

Great night for a motorcycle ride. Regrettably, that would have meant me sitting on the bike going "brrrrbrrrrrbrrrrr", as it won't start and I don't know when I'll get around to looking at it. I have a motorcycle in my garage and the earliest it'll run is maybe June. This is criminal.

Zoe's latest trick is to fake being afraid every time she hears the train or a siren. She'll stop suddenly and jerk her head around to look at us and say "Washshshat?" We'll tell her. She'll run over and make the biggest eyes and announce "scared!" Faker.

Photo courtesy of Jackson

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Esther Irwin said...

You don't suppose she has picked up on someones humour? I'm not naming names...