Randomoniom - Sunday Night Edition

Followers of the motorcycle saga will be amused to know that after it's glorious firing on Friday night, I could not get it to restart on Saturday, even after repeated mutterings of "Fire! More Lord!". Grrr. I'm running out of ideas, and my hokey handmade choke cable (Oops, it's 'custom') is not working properly either.

I spent an hour today in introverted nirvana
, sitting in Starbucks reading the New York Times Sunday Edition, which, I realized after getting to the register, is five bucks! And probably worth it. The two magazine inserts alone are better reading than most papers. And I know all about the NYT's liberal bias. Given my own conservative bias, it probably reads level. Plus, to read the KC Star is to see headlines along the lines of "Goat Market Down, Buyers Blame War on Terror" and "School Receives Fresh Coat of Paint".

The Great 2008 Hair and Beard Experiment, now in day fourteen, is about to come to an end. I've reached some sort of tipping point where the beard comes in thicker than the hair. Some would call this progress. Actually, I decided it was over when I sat on the deck in the sun and did not feel the reassuring rays on my bare noggin. After eight years, you get used to that and I didn't want to wait until summer was in full swing and have to face the Pasty White Scalp Syndrome if I shaved it in July.

Kelsey remains in Lakeland, Florida where she is in the revival meetings with Todd Bentley. She wrote this earlier this morning.
"Toward the end, something erupted in the crowd - a loud roar - and I looked down to see a little boy who was bent in every limb taking steps on the baseball field. This child had cerebral palsy and had been in a wheelchair. His words were precious, 'This is a dream come true". He didn't run, he was still bent, but something measurable happened in his body. It's like a small taste of what is coming -- the great end time revival that will sustain the people of God through the most severe crisis of human history.

Is "this" the beginning of "that"? Not sure. I don't know what "this" is, but I am just glad I am here. Randy and I have always said that if Azusa Street was happening in our day, we would do whatever we had to to get there. God made a way, and here we are. I am leaving with a holy hunger and faith rising in my spirit. At the end of the day, it's a win win."

Read the rest here.

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Matt Lockett said...

Trust me on this. Those 4 banger engines are resilient, but you'll definitely need to start by tearing down those carbs. Start by pulling them out with all four connected. The most imperative thing is to get the pilot jets and main jets clean. They're tiny holes and old gas evaporates and plugs them with residue. Especially if it was run hard and put away wet. You can do all that without messing with any major adjustments to the carbs themselves. New plugs for sure. Firing it up on a full choke and running rough probably fouled the plugs. Throw a new fuel filter and air filter in there too.

Isn't this fun?