Late night recap....

As those who Twitter already know, I took Zion to the beach today with some dear friends we met during our 05 stint in DC. That summer, Kevin and Sarah showed up on our doorstep with their youth group in tow and no clue what they were getting into. For the next two weeks those kids prayed and served their guts out. We hated to see them leave. It was fun to hang out with them today at Sarasota beach, even if I am now living proof that no human being should apply their own sunscreen. Enough said.

This evening, Steve clued me in to Tom Bihn, maker of tough and sophisticated laptop bags and accessories. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing, and Steve is the perveyor of all things cool.

Of course, I'm sold on my timbuk2, but to be honest, once I load it up, it becomes rather ungainly and dumpling-shaped.

Steve had just ordered some accessories and gifted me with the Vertical Freudian Slip. (Confession - it took me 5 minutes to figure out it wasn't a laptop sleeve.).

I honestly didn't realize how cool it was until I repacked my timbuk2 using this bad boy. Oh. My. Word. I could put SO stinking much more stuff in the bag now! Must...go....get...books....

Tomorrow, ZB and I are off to DC to join the rest of the tribe. I'm going to try and use the public transit from the Baltimore airport to Capitol Hill in DC. Pray. Midwesterners do not do well with public transit. I just need to remember....Bus B30 to the end of the Green Line. Green Line to the transfer station. Blue line to Capitol South. With four bags. And Zion. And my newly-svelte timbuk2.

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