And they're off...

For Day Nine, Kelsey continues to travel. Having spent the last nine days in DC, she flew to Florida this morning along with the Uber Assistant. I'm not quite sure how she got the services of the Uber Assistant while I got the four kids, but they've had quite the time - there's a lot of laughing in the background when I get her on the phone. At one point on the phone call I overheard the words "Jacuzzi" and "Ginger Beer".

I got up at O-dark thirty to drive Jackson and Grayson to the airport, where I put them on a plane to Florida as well. Kelsey will meet them there. They're all going to the revival services in Lakeland over the weekend.

Gray wasn't feeling well this morning - probably 25% ill, 25% fatigue and 50% nerves about flying without mom and dad. We coaxed him on the plane though. I told Jackson "call or text me when you guys are seated." I didn't hear anything for quite a while...then the blackberry buzzed as I drove south on 71. Three words: "Gray threw up". They never answered my call so they apparently took off anyway.....poor buddy. Poor buddies. Poor Southwest Airlines.

Revival is always a polarizing event and this one is no exception. I don't feel compelled to answer for ministry styles or personalities any more. I do know this - our friend, Kelsey Hayes, was dramatically healed (is there an undramatic healing?) last week. My guess is her parents didn't worry too much about the ministry style. Do I wish people did things a different way? Of course...but not enough to reject something if God is in it.

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Steeno said...

I went to the Revival these last couple of days. It was AWESOME! For Real. I absolutely loved it!!!!!!! God is for sure moving down there. I came away extremely provoked and hungry for the presence of God.