Randomoniom - Home Alone Edition

Kelsey is in DC for two weeks . None of us like this, but it's a necessity. She's on super secret spy business for JHOP, B4L, IHOP, TheCall, The CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and Lamar's Donuts. When she left, Grayson announced he was scared. I think it related primarily to the food supply.

I taught at the Daniel Academy today - I'm on a six week module, teaching a couple hours each Wednesday afternoon on world view. Join the Facebook page ":: Mr Bohlender's Worldview Class ::" and follow along with the fun.

I got surprisingly energized in class discussing The Long Tail concept today....like, nerdy-weird energized. I am not sure anyone in the room found it as interesting as I did, but that's the nature of public speaking 99 percent of the time.

If you find me laying in my yard sort of scorched around the edges, it is because I once again had to crawl up on my roof in a thunderstorm to clear out the gutters. Oak trees must be banned.

Zion is begging for a trip to Guitar Center - we may do that tomorrow. If you're looking to sit in with a rocking drummer, join us. I love standing a ways off and watching him tear into the displays. Last trip, he discovered the double bass pedal - it was like a whole new hard core world opened up to him. BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM.

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Tracie said...

Oh, I think you should invite John on your Guitar Center field trip too.