now that's interesting

I just sat down at Panera to do some writing.  I haven't been here more than 2 minutes....and the guy at the next table approached me to say "Hey, I've gotta go use the restroom - can you watch my laptop?"

Of course, I said yes.  Then I got to wondering "What makes him think it's safe with me?  He doesn't even know my name....".

Maybe he knew a Mac user would never steal a Dell.


Anonymous said...

That is a common temptation found at Panera or Cosi, to betray the fellow road warrior and upgrade one's laptop. CBB

Anonymous said...

I think you would be correct in the latter of possibilities... He probably figured a Mac user would never steal a Dell. In fact, most Mac users I know wouldn't even hold a Dell... ;)

PS. I am here in Kansas City... still trying to figure out if I'm a left-sider or right-sider... I've favored the left a bit more so far... ;)