It's show time!

We did a dress rehearsal for Tilly tonight...and it was not as frightening as I expected. A few practices recently have been, uh...rough. Tonight's rehearsals went well with both casts. Yes, both casts. You see, I would have done two nights with one cast, but that's not the Kelsey Way. Two casts, twice the fun.

I ran sound on a board that is probably being sought after right now by the Smithsonian people. It is ancient...there's a strip of tape across the bottom labeling the channels "Paul - vocals, George - guitar, Ringo's drums, etc." OK, maybe not, but it's old. Twenty four channels, one of which I seem to have working correctly.

There is also a sound board that looks like it was ripped from the flight deck of Apollo 11. There are more switches on the board than there are lights hanging from the ceiling.

Remember - Friday and Saturday nights, two casts so come twice. Tickets are five bucks at the door...

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Esther Irwin said...

Hey! that belongs to our church and we have been looking for it! Can you return it when you are done? Thanks