It is just me?

Is it just me, or does the art of the video blog remain to be mastered?

I've seen a number of video blogs online - not the occasional video clip, but a daily or weekly video with little or no text on the off-days, and have yet to watch one and not wish I had my 2:42 back when it was over (or, even worse, my 9:31).

I'm not saying that it can't be done well - only that I haven't seen it done well and am thinking that it's got to be more than a talking head viewed from an awkward angle, staring at the screen below the camera of their Mac. How much nostril can we bear to see?

Video bloggers, please note:

1) Look at the camera, not at the screen. You can watch it later.

2) Your blog is too long. I don't have ten minutes. I don't have five minutes.

3) I have no interest in watching you say "hi" from wherever you are. Give me content....a story, an idea, a confession - something other than "Hey, I'm on TV!" No your not. You're on your blog, and no one is watching but your momma. And she only does because she knows you're going to ask.

4) You know those times when you giggle like a school girl because something happened off camera? Cut that part. It's part of the reason your clips are so stinking long.

5)) Text is still king. I can read your words more quickly than you can say them, and I will refer back to them often, but I'll never watch your video again.

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Theology said...

the funny thing about this post is that yesterday Dallas was telling me how he thinks you would be so good at video blogging :)