Game Day

Here we are...at the Renaissance in Montgomery, Alabama, where for the first time in our short lives, it looks as if we may fill a prayer meeting. A big prayer meeting. We have room for about 8,000 souls, perhaps another 500 if they're small and uninhibited types. The rain pours down outside to remind us it's good to be inside instead of the football stadium we first arranged.

There's been a peace over this thing since we arrived in Montgomery. No missing vans. No misunderstandings of consequence. No missing back-line. Ok, maybe some drums that didn't get here until late, forcing soundchecks to this morning, but other than that, this is arguably the smoothest ramp up we've had to a gathering. The team is working like clockwork, even though conversations go like this....

"Remember the repentance march - what doors do they enter?"

"Those doors."

"No. They can't."

"But they're coming from the river."

"What river?!"

"Oh, the decided to go to the river too."

"Did anyone tell the city?"

"Someone called the mayor's wife last night and never heard back that it wasn't ok."

"Well alrighty then. We march to the river.....".

And so it goes. I will try and post an update from stageside, although it might have to be from my blackberry as I'm a little busy all day and hotel-promised wifi never....actually....shows up.

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