Zion: The Index Card Kid

Zion has toys. Really, he does. Playmobile, legos, etc. He also has drums and guitars strewn across his room. So where can you find him? At the breakfast bar, with a roll of scotch tape and a stack of index cards.

He is learning that you can build just about anything with index cards. Houses. Roads. Bridges.

Somehow I think these creative binges - as difficult as they make it to use the breakfast bar - are better than anything toy that comes from a box.

(Photo at left was from a recent hunting expedition at Cabelas. No animals were injured in the making of this photo. But only because the rifles were toys.)

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Anonymous said...

I think that subconsciously you posted this in honor of Gun Club Friday. This speaks right to my heart!

You may be interested to knwo that in Alaska, there is a ground swell of an Elijah-like revolution taking place. Everywhere I turn, men are turning thier hearts to their children and yearning to be the spiritual heads of their families, and prayer warriors for the Church. Praise God.
Miss ya!