Weather or Not.

It is 77 degrees per my widget.

I do not belong in the house.

I should be on a Sportster with the wind whipping through my...uh, helmet.

Instead, I'm binge-listening to Born to Run and wondering if Easy Rider is available for rent on iTunes.

Divert your eyes, people. Forty years old in KC can be a brutal thing to witness.


chuck said...

Man, my midlife crisis involves a skateboard. I'll be bombing a hill, wind whipping through my hair stubble, some old James Gang funneling through the headphones and then, SPLAT!, my front wheels hit a huge crack in the pavement and I go down. Of course, being 42, I take a bit of time getting up. I asses the damage and hobble back to the car.

Sounds like fun! Race ya!

BTW I know a guy who works for HD in Alaska. Maybe he could hook you up.

Ben said...

Absolutely. I rode my motorcycle to work today and it was beautiful. Of course, it was a little warmer in ATL than where you are.