These Truths I Hold to Be Self Evident

We're on a super secret spy stuff mission in Washington for a day or two. Well, maybe not quite, but it feels that way, given the sudden nature of the trip. Back in the city for the first time since 2005, I am struck with the following:
  • Washington, DC is the capitol of the world. I know the rest of the world doesn't like it, but decisions made here, for better or worse, effect the globe.
  • Driving in on East Capitol, my heart jumped when I saw the dome of the Capitol Building through the trees. Later, it did the same thing when I saw Trader Joes.
  • Washingtonians take themselves very, very seriously. As I've said before, they like to think of themselves as New Yorkers who can read. It makes for great people watching, and if my plan works I shall do some of that from the second floor of the Starbucks on Pennsylvania this afternoon.
  • This is a city where no one will ever stare at your Blackberry and ask "Uh, what's that do?"
  • Gretchen Geverdt can whoop up a premier bowl of soup, well worth driving to Annapolis for. Plus, they have the coolest Legos.


eric wright said...

You ought to check out Mark Batterson's church's coffee house called Ebenezer's. That was a horrible sentence...sorry.

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Oh. Gretchen. Jealous. Have fun. See you guys in a couple weeks. I'm moving.

Randy Bohlender said...

RE: the 'Neze. I was actually driving in that area trying to Blackberry it this morning but got sidetracked....

I think calling it The Neze makes me sound pretty local. Really.

Amber said...

I find this really comical...especially the "blackberry" comment.

Has anyone ever told you that they can get lost for HOURS reading your blogs??? If not, I'm telling you now. I mean, so lost...that they even blog about your blog.


I'll thank my husband later for introducing me to your "Stuff I Think." Interesting.