Rough Weekend for Grayson

Yesterday afternoon I took the boys to the KC Auto Show. We've hit the auto show 4 out of the past 5 years and it's always a hit...except Gray finished the afternoon talking about how tired he was.

He woke up with a fever that would have allowed us to grill a cheese sandwich on his forehead. At 9am I had him at the walk in clinic, where he promptly hurled while waiting for some lab work. He then looked at me and announced "I can't walk."

"Uh....define 'can't walk, Gray..."

"Like, my legs turn too bad. I can't....walk." He took two steps and went straight down. I propped him up. He went down again. I finally carried him to the examination room (it should be noted that there is less than 35 lbs difference in our weights....).

Diagnosis: Flu, a particular strain called Gnarly Maximus. By noon he was in bed and didn't leave until 6pm, when he went to the bath tub (and promptly fell asleep in the tub).

Pray for Grayson - and protection for the rest of us!

Sidenote: I filled the SS Suburban with ethanol this afternoon and noticed the price difference has spread to sixty six cents a gallon. A full tank saved almost twenty bucks. Kerching!

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Zack said...

Definitely praying for Grayson. That's wicked nasty stuff!