Just, like, say it.

I've become a Seth Godin fan over the last few weeks, and it's not just because of his haircut.

Godin has a way of making a point that I think about for the rest of the day....usually using only a few sentences to do it.

Today, he writes:  

"I noticed a little while ago I was using the word "just" and the phrase "sort of" in my writing.  All the time, in fact.  In my last book, a search and replace removed more than 80 unnecessary 'justs'.

Just say it.  

Don't hide behind waffling terms that don't mean anything."


Good advice for everybody.  Preachers.  Writers.  Salesmen.  Short order cooks.  Etc.

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Zack said...

AMEN! I like do that like well kind of do it all of the time. ;)