Weekend Well Invested

Last night found us gathered at Pei Wei with John and Tracy Loux and Malcom and Amy Young. Malcom and Amy own Christian Adoption Consultants, the group that helped us find and adopt Zoe in such short order.

After hours on the phone, it was the first time we'd me the Youngs, who had just flown in for the weekend to do an adoption seminar. They'd never been to Pei Wei before, so I described it to them as "P.F. Changs for people whose houses have wheels on them.". Malcolm replied "Man, I hope there's not a tornado or it'll hit this place for sure!". I knew we were in the presence of new friends. :)

This morning, Youngs conducted an adoption seminar. John and Tracie got to tell their adoption story, as did Kelsey and I. It had been a while since we'd told the story - you kind of forget the power in it without a constant retelling.

Right now, I can say I've never been more proud of my IHOP family. There is a rising tide of adoption - almost every week I hear of someone else who feels like this is what they're supposed to be doing. Zoe is going to grow up in a community that has opened it's heart, homes and pocketbook to those that society would say there is no room for.

I think my favorite part of the day was remembering how Steven and Kristi Cooper shelled out a good chunk of change at an auction at the Loux's adoption fundraiser, purchasing a vintage Atari. Now, a year later, the Coopers are adoptiong and raising funds themselves. I have full faith God will honor their efforts because they were helping pay for their own adoption a year ago when they sowed into someone elses.

Go IHOP. Go Adoption. Go God.


Tracie Loux said...

I love that you connected the dots between the Cooper's and our fund raiser! I love that!

Liz said...

I like it! Glad it went well... can you send some digits my way?