Randomonium / Weekend Edition

  • Yesterday was a very long day. The alarm went off at 4:15am so I could get to the gym before the 6am meeting. The day went by, and then at 10:30pm, Kelsey said "hey, let's go to the gym....". We got home well after midnight and ended up hanging out in the kitchen and talking. Last time I looked at the clock on the stove it said 1:38am. D'oh.
  • Praise Ye the Lord for ethanol, which for some reason is now fifty cents cheaper than unleaded. I saved fifteen bucks filling up the 'Burban on Tuesday.
  • Tomorrow, I need to get the oil changed. The kids are all wanting to go along....not so much because of their fascination with auto maintenance, but because the oil change place has a slurpy machine.
  • One more autocentric thing....no pictures yet, but Grandma bought a sweet new ride. Without giving away what it is, it comes from the land of Ikea.
  • In the Thankful catagory, we got a missions support check this week from a friend from way back. It was completely unexpected and perfectly timed. We had just prayed "Lord, we need $X by this weekend." His timing is perfect. I'm always amazed at the variety of ways He meets our needs and the variety of people He uses.

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javamamma said...

Let me just say, Grandma's ride rides niiiiice.