Oooh! Ahhhh! Custom headers!

For ages, I've wondered how to add custom headers to a blogger template, what with blogger sort of being the Fisher Price of blog interfaces. I finally thought to google it, and low and behold, someone had posted instructions.

As is quite obvious, I'm not a graphics guy. I'm sure some of you can do a lot better. Hey, I'm just glad the picture's not upside down. I chose this picture because I think it makes me look thoughtful, and after all, the blog is "Stuff I Think." I also like that I'm wearing my favorite hat (Walmart, $12) and my orange, nylon retro v-neck t-shirt (Goodwill, $2)...and that it's taken on the Black Rock Desert, with a mountain in the background. And a trampoline. I don't quite understand that part.

One more thing. I posted this earlier (somehow, three times...) but here it is in all it's glory. Jackson and Joel giving us the play by play of the trip to Florida. I about snorted my fruit bowl while watching it in the clubhouse this morning before we headed for the airport!

Untitled from Jackson Bohlender on Vimeo.


chuck said...

Two things:

1. The header pic is cool. I have seen that picture in a couple of different forms.With it cropped like that it almost looks as if you are whacking golf balls towards the trampoline, only to have them come back. The name of the game is "Come Back Here Golf".

2. Checked the vimeo out. Did Jackson say modest is hottest? That is as funny as Myah's modesty rhyme:

Praise the Lord, Touch your toes, Anything shows, Change your clothes.

Johnny said...

Cool. Thanks, Randy. I've been trying to figure out the same thing myself.

Gotta get to it.

Peace & blessings