If we just wait long enough....

Well, Castro finally gave up.

Kennedy was right. Of course, we had to wait through Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and another Bush to realize it.

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The Banderman Family said...

Thank you for posting this! I hadn't checked the news and had to find out 'current events' by checking your blog! LOL

Two years ago, I was in Cuba as one of the speakers of a large pastors/leaders conference, bringing them from throughout the country. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life to have the opportunity to meet with these precious men and women of God who truly lay their lives down for Jesus. It was an amazing privilege just to be with them. They 'get it' and understand some things that the church in the US does not yet.

Right now, another team from our old church (before we moved) is in Cuba for 2 weeks holding another conference, although this is a worship conference for all those pastors/leaders -- 300 of them -- and they are teaching them about prophetic worship! The church in Cuba knows very little of this and are soooooooo hungry!

God is doing a mighty thing across that island. Please pray for the people of this nation. Having seen things first hand and having been 'up close and personal' with people (rather than just what the news shows), it really is a very rough, rough situation for these people. But God is truly doing something awesome across this nation. Please pray for the Body of Christ there -- God is preparing them for what is to come. They have been 'isolated' for so long and now God is teaching, encouraging, and loving on them, and equipping them so that when the doors are truly 'open' -- they will be ready.

Thanks again for posting this!

Debi :)