First Blog!

Ok, I'm calling first blog on this photo. I need to do that because I know it was emailed to 3 of my favorite bloggers so I'm claiming it.

Left to Right, Tracie Loux, John Loux, Malcome and Amy Young, Kels and myself.

I immediately texted the Shelley Paulson (beloved photographer) and complained about it. Why did no one tell me that I looked like an unmade bed? She replied (and I quote) "LOL. Pictures don't lie...".

I asked Kelsey "Why did you not tell me I looked like that?" She said, "Well, you were already dressed and I figured....".

Figured what?!?!? Figured it was so bad I was past help? It didn't look any better during our presentation, where I apparently looked both poorly dressed and confused for most of the session.


Gayle said...

Unmade bed? That's a little harsh! Maybe more like "fell off a ND tractor". Speaking of which, we need to get together so you can get the footage I have of your dad on said tractor! And soon! Our moving date is in the middle of March.

Gayle C

Randy Bohlender said...

Gayle - OUCH! You just HAD to play the tractor card, didn't you? I was shooting for the aging rock star look and ended up with Unemployed John Deere Salesman.

Would love to connect - yikes, that's soon.

Earl said...

Guess you've gotta go back to the black shirt. Can't go wrong there. Can you?

Steeno said...

Before reading your post I said to myself, "Man, Randy has a sweet shirt on. I wonder where I could get one like that."

I promise you.

Johnny said...

Man, you look like you need to sleep for a week!! ;-)))

If this makes it past Comment Moderation, I'll know you have a sense of humor! :-)

Peace & blessings

Randy Bohlender said...

Earl, you're right. Back to black. Steeno's envy of the shirt only confirms that it needs to happen.

Kelsey Bohlender said...

@ Steeno -- Aeropostale. I relaly have trained him well, if I could just get him to learn when to wear what! (He wanted to wear cowboy boots to our wedding. I had to put the ka-bash on that one.)

@Randy -- honey, you are a big boy. I figured you knew.