I returned the rental car to the Avis/Budget lot. We had taken to referring to it as the Bavis car. I was rather fond of it by the time I had to give it back. A Toyota six speed automatic is a great transmission.

The Cramton Bowl is one big bowl. And they've never done anything quite like this. Due to dimensions, we're going to center the stage on the 45 yard line. Steve Brown, our sound and light contractor, jokingly asked the venue director if we could renumber the lines so that the 45 said 50 on it to keep people from complaining. The venue director did not get the joke and was rather mortified at the request. Sometimes English humor does not translate into Alabaman, but I laughed. I also laughed when Steve wondered if the Fire Marshall, Captain Duke, had a cousin named Daisy.

Our plane is very small and we shall be walking outside to get on it. I'm grateful to be in seat 1A. I will also be grateful if we can find food at ATL before we connect to KC.

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