Randomonium - Weekend Edition

I spent the weekend as close to the family as possible. After spending fourteen nights out of twenty in a bed other than my own, I was craving some hang time with the crew.

Saturday we devoted a lot of time to putting stuff on shelves...while I was gone to Montgomery Thurs/Fri, Kelsey went to Lowes and bought every shelving piece they had and bolted the whole mess to the wall in the laundry room and this funky closet space we have off our dining room. It's amazing.

This morning I went to the 8:30am service, did announcements, raced back to get the fam loaded in the Suburban and took them to the 10:30 where I did a repeat performance of announcements. Two shows, no waiting.

Late this afternoon, we went to take a look at Lifetime Fitness. Quite the place...monster pool with water slides, classes for everything from hip hop to kick boxing (there is some crossover there...) and an elliptical machine for every man, woman and child that resides in India. Our tour guide walked us through and asked a few questions to see how to make his pitch most successfully.

"So, do you guys like to take classes, or would you prefer to go it on your own?

I stare at him, wondering what type of person would sign up for something that would look - even remotely - like another meeting. "I would prefer to go it alone....".

"Oh, ok", he adjusts. "So....are you a runner?"

I stare again, thinking "Only if I'm being chased."

I considered asking if the wifi advertised in the lobby will reach to the sauna. Finally Kelsey stepped in and rescued the conversation, asking pertinent questions about kids' programs, operating hours (24/7), and if a membership is good at other facilities.

Tomorrow it's back to the irregular grind. Kelsey leads the 8am prayer meeting, I drive my team meeting at 11am, and so on. I'm home this week and couldn't be happier.

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