Pet Peeve

I'm filling gas. Its windy. Its 10 degrees. No, I don't want to buy a car wash. JUST TURN ON THE PUMP, for crying out loud!!!!!!

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chuck said...

Let me guess, Holmes and Red Bridge?

Tracie Loux said...



(said with all the love a sister can muster up given the circumstances)

Gayle said...

Word to the wise... when it is really windy and you need gas, make sure you do not park too close to the cement gas tank barricade or the wind will grab the door out of your hands and smash mightily into it leaving a perfect barricade impression in the door. So I've heard.

Alaska1 said...

SO you would be the guy that argues wit the computer that is suddenly zapped into Tronland. Careful when you gripe at the gas station, you might just end up as the gas attendant inside some comptuer matrix

Esther Irwin said...

At least you have cheaper gas than we do. Auckland is inexpensively priced at $1.70/litre. Not a gallon, but a litre. I hear England is around NZ$3.00/litre. That's about NZ$12.00/gallon which translates to about US$9.40/gallon.

Sure you don't want a carwash with that?

Randy Bohlender said...

@Chuck - yep
@Tracie - jealousy is unbecoming. :-) PS: I'm leaving this comment while sitting outside. By my own will.
@Gayle - No joke - I remember that when I put gas in the 'Burban! I nearly did the same thing after hearing your story.
@Alaska1 - I have BEEN the gas station attendant, but that's another post.
@Esther - Americans need cheaper gas because our country is bigger and we drive further.