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We woke up this morning, following TheCall Ohio, to find this photo on the front of the Cincinnati Enquirer's Section B. The article quotes Kelsey and does a pretty good job of covering the whole day. The print article was better than the web version, but you'll get the idea here.

The day was great. Attendance was somewhere north of 8,000. Some highlights for me:

Arnold Culbreath, head of the urban arm of Right to Life. Arnold appears to be the happiest person on the planet, even as he tells his story of being a covert operations expert in the military because "I really like to fight!". The big grin that he wears, even as he says this, is disarming. I bet he was good at what he did.

Unbelievably good security at US Bank Arena. Hands down, best we've worked with.

Rabbi Michael Wolf, from the oldest messianic congregation in the US, Beth Messaiah. He paced the stage doing a great job of leading people in prayer for Israel.

My team rocked - with no mega church support team and no onething team training wheels. I was very, very proud.

Best lights and sound set up we've used. Steve Brown, you are the man. Same to Chris Human, who manages to be everywhere he needs to be at the right time.

Rod Parsley's entrance to stage center was historic. James Brown got nothin' on Hot Rod. "I can't get no hep' in here!"

Derek's piece on adoption was sobering. If you're thinking about not adopting, I hope you didn't hear it.

And speaking of Derek, my favorite behind the scenes story of the week:

Derek Loux was at the grocery store late one night in Cincinnati. If you do not know Derek, you need to realize that his distinguishing characteristic is, without a doubt, his hair. Derek could, without missing a beat, walk on and play for any 80's hair band reunion. I am sure he fends off big offers from VH1 to host shows regularly. I'm only saying this so you get the picture.

The person standing behind him, an older, African American woman, stares at him for a moment and finally asks, "Izzat a whig?!?!?"

Derek smiles at her. "No, ma'am. That's my hair."

She chuckles. "No it's not. Dat's a WHIIIIIG!"

"Uh, no. It really is my hair. Go ahead, tug on it it. You'll see....".

She tentatively reaches up, grabs a clump, and tugs.

"Oh my! That IS your real hair!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not sure what's better....that it happened, or that he told me. Anyway, we all know now.

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Jessica G said...

You bet the security was good...they almost didn't let me in with my camera! I had to go in some kind of back door, and even once I got in there was a security guy that told me there was a possibility my camera could get taken away. Thankfully nothing came of it.