Saturday morning in the house...

Kels is out running some last minute errands while I hold court with the munchkins. I have by far the better job. :)

The little guys are marveling at some 3 Stooges videos that their good buddy Spunky introduced them too. Thanks, Sarah. You just raised the water level of intelligent conversation at our house considerably.

Jackson is repeatedly pointing out how cute his little sister is. He is entirely correct in doing so. Her new words of the week are "baby" and "elvis". It should be noted that the neighbor's german shepherd is named elvis and even though she's never been within 50 feet of him, she is quite enamored with him. He's probably best viewed at a distance anyway.

I'm fiddling with an online player for Sirius Radio and have discovered the Springsteen Channel. Understand that this guy has recorded enough studio and live cuts to warrant his own radio format. In 45 minutes, I have learned the following:

  • Springsteen could have been a Vineyard worship leader. In forty five minutes I have heard 3 chords, possibly 4. And I still want to sing along on "Jungleland..."
  • Springsteen could have been an incredible tent revivalist. The live cuts exude this bizarre charisma that is nearly impossible to convey without video. Even just listening to him makes you want to see what's happening and engage.
  • Max Weinberg is the mother of all drummers.
  • Clarence Clemmons has some amazing lungs.
  • Springsteen is my generation's Poet Laureate. "Highway Patrolman" may be the most poignant song ever written not involving a woman.

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Brian said...

online Springsteen channel?? Let's have the link, bro!