Mystery of the IHOP Universe. Solved.

Early this morning I was approached by a stalker, er, a secret blog reader, who correctly identified the song that I described here as being tweaked by every worship leader who does it.

I will not reveal the identity of the genius who figured it out (by looking at the time stamp on the blog and rewinding the webstream to the point of comment....) but I will reveal the song itself, putting this mystery of the IHOP universe to rest.

Lord, You are Good (and Your mercies endure forever - insert claps, dancers, horns, shofars, etc). The IHOP mantra on this song is "Never the same twice".

Congratulations to the unnamed reader (apparently too embarrassed to admit that they read this on a regular basis). Your prize, of course, is the quiet satisfaction of being right when no one else was. And I think that's a pretty good deal.


wonderbox said...

That's a great song too. Awesome...the mystery is solved. Thank you from an occasional reader.

shoeshine in charlotte said...

didnt' realize i was such a columbo, did the same thing the day U wrote it (went onto prayer room and rewound to time of posting). tower of power was a spot-on comparison, by the by.. :)

p.s. i LOVE your blogsite..

Brian said...

never heard of it :)

Randy Bohlender said...

Brian - that's because it sounds different every time you hear it.

Sean The Red said...

I agree. The tower of power tip was all I needed. As soon as I heard Mr Loux hit his funky synth patches with a horn section on that song, I had a flash back to when I saw TOP at Oakland Coliseum. in 1989. They were opening up for the Grateful Dead.

TOP really rocks. I didnt realize it was all still a mystery. I feel so releived, even though I wasnt aware of anything being wrong. How odd.