Watching the debate...

I'm watching the webstream of the Democrats' debate on CNN tonight. I got a kick out of the fact that they're duking it out at UNLV's Thomas & Mack. Seems like we were just there....

It's interesting to get all these candidates lined up in one place.

In response to asking whether or not he supported drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, Barak Obama just said illegal immigrants did not come to the US to go to In-n-Out Burger. I think he's wrong. I also think he's ducking the question. Eventually Wolf Blitzer pushed him to say 'yes, they should get licenses.' So I guess they do want to go to In-n-Out, although mostly they just go to Home Depot.

Dennis Kucinich just told us there are no illegal immigrants, only undocumented ones. That got cheers in Las Vegas, but jeers from my kitchen table, because if we really documented some of these folks, we'd discover they're here illegally. It seems to me documentation is their worst enemy. So we give them a drivers' license?

The governor of New Mexico just introduced himself to the crowd 20 minutes into the debate. And I still don't remember his name. It's Bill Richardson, and I had to look it up.

Uhoh, in response to a direct question, Richardson just told Wolf Blitzer that human rights are more important than national security. Stick a fork in him. Stick a fork in anyone who answered that question straight, because there was no winning. He's done. Kudos to Obama, who artfully pointed out that the two concepts are not contradictory. Great dodge of a question that no one could answer well.

John Edwards, in spite of his populace posturing, comes off like a complaining, spoiled rich kid. He is living proof that it is possible to have hair that really is too good.

Chris Dodd quickly slips into Gingrichesque lecturing, as if Thomas and Mack were a classroom full of college freshman and he is there to set us straight. I don't think anyone likes to be lectured.

Hillary is a little bristly. She looks tough though. I think she could whoop Barak, even though he appears to have a negative amount of body fat. And I bet she could beat Edwards arm wrestling.

Joe Biden makes more sense than any of the rest. This is probably more a reflection on the field than a supporting comment for Joe Biden.

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Kelsey Bohlender said...

After going to the Holocaust Museum this week, my whole thoughts on immigration have turned upside down. Couple that with reading Ezekiel 22, and I am just plain a mess! Documented, undocumented, legal, illegal -- I just wonder what we will do when the next holocaust hits.