Saturday afternoon @ the Dunn

It's just after lunch and I'm crashed in the overstuffed chairs at Dunn Brothers, surrounded by my three sons who are inundated with homework. Jackson is working on his debate presentation. Grayson is reading. Zion is drawing lines from letter combos to pictures like Dog and Boy and Chrysanthemum. Well, Dog and Boy anyway.

For the pleasure of watching these three work (and free wifi), I purchased two chai lattes, an iced carmela and a root beer soda. This is a pittance compared to the fun I'm having right now. I blog a lot about Zoe, and she will forever be The Princess...but I love my sons dearly. They are incredibly unique.

This morning we had a brief family meeting over the idea of a Christmas tree, given the propensity of The Princess to pull such things over. We actually toyed with the idea of going sans Christmas Tree, upon which Zion leaped off the couch, spread both arms wide in dramatic expression, and with a grin that completely took over his head, declared "Guys! We can't do that! What's Christmas without a Christmas Tree."

Dead silence from the crowd.

Finally, I dead panned "Ok little Johnny. You got the part in the Christmas play."

Much laughter erupted.


Tracie Loux said...

I guess we'll just wait now for the story of "the day the Christmas Tree toppled"....
I'm hoping I don't have to tell the same story!

Esther Irwin said...

Didn't you have one when the boys were Zoe's age? Did any of them topple the tree? I'm always more worried the cat will bring the tree down than the children. What about a (gasp!) fake tree?