Yes, you read that right. "Roadamonium" is a Randomonium article written from the road. In this case, back in Cincinnati, heading to Indy for a flight home today. Let Roadamonium begin:
  • We Skybussed into Columbus late Saturday/early Sunday AM. Let it be known, if that were the last airline out of a war ravaged country, I would probably still walk. Bad news.
  • Props to Landmark for their openhandedness. They loaned us a building and a soundman for Saturday night's rally based one one cold phone call. We (heart) Landmark & Pastor Matt Holman.
  • Yesterday, I set some sort of weird ecumenical record by being one of the only people to ever hang out with this guy and this guy in the same day. I want a trophy.
  • Someone blew a shofar in our local leaders' meeting this morning....not unheard of in our world. Odd part was that it was in Panera Bread.
  • Connected with some long time friends I haven't seen in a long time this morning. Andy Ransdell and Matt Massey were at the meeting (to be clear, Andy did not blow the shofar). We were cohorts from VCC. They have since gone on to plant churches and I have gone on to fly Skybus. Matt asked me to speak at Northstar in January - sounds like big fun.


Jen McArthur said...

A shofar being blown is Panera Bread? I would probably pay money to see that...

Sean The Red said...

I LOVE Rod Parsley. I used to watch his preaching a lot when I was going through some heavy stuff, and for some reason God would just touch me and help my faith.

You have all the fun.