In relation to the prior post...

The photo below is of the man who is actually going to be preparing our bird tomorrow. Please pray. I haven't seen these sort of flames anywhere but Black Rock City. Maybe I'll wear my beads and my signature Playa Hat. Or just Nomex.

And this article is probably just a coincidence. I'm really not worried. Really.


Ryan Detzel said...


You need to check out www.altonbrown.com and scope the Turkey Derrick PDF for the goods on fried turkey.

I'm brining this year, we'll see if it's better than fried.

Fried is mighty tasty.

Sean The Red said...

To be clear, Alton is my mentor. However I am not going to purchase a ladder, Im going to use teenagers to lower the turkey in.

I made sure there is a little bit of ice just to scare em....

I never NOT brine. This year is a brine with sweet orange tea, garlci, lemon, bay leaves, salts and sugar.

I hope Mr Bohleneder will document, and will provide analysis on my blog to see where I can improve.

After California BurningMan regionals this year I ams eriously considering a deep friedn standing rib roast.