I love it when a plan comes together.

Long, long ago, in a land before Chuck Norris, there was a crime fighting, kick boxing bunch of renegades called The A Team, led by their cunning leader, the cigar chomping Colonel John Hannibal Smith.

Some time near the ending of each of their weekly crisis, when it was obvious things were going their way but the credits had not yet rolled, Hannibal would light up a cuban and announce to anyone in the general vicinity (usually B.A. Barracus, drugged for the flight home), "I love it when a plan comes together....".

Today at lunch, I had my Hannibal moment, minus the cigar.

After weeks of searching, phone calls, emails and wondering, we landed a venue for the School of Intercession AND TheCall2Pastors in Cincinnati. Immediately prior to TheCall Ohio, you'll find us at TriCounty Assembly of God, a church pastored by our long time friend Brad Rosenburg (and coincidentally, where Kelsey and I were married!).

While on the phone landing that arrangement, I got two other calls from Montgomery, Alabama, confirming that the city had OK'd use of the Crampton Bowl for The Call (Sweet Home) Alabama. OK, the "Sweet Home" is not technically part of the title, but we're using it informally around the office....join us for TheCall Alabama, April 5th.

So, I can finally say it. I love it when a plan comes together. Hannibal and his gold chain wearing van driver got nothing on this team.

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