Back from Bartlesville...

We did a high speed trip to the thriving Oilopolis of Bartlesville, Oklahoma for a Call rally yesterday, leaving after Zion's 1pm drum lesson.

It was fun to reconnect with the happy Keener clan. Travis and Jen spent time in east Tennessee while we lived there - now they're youth sponsors in Bartlesville at the same church where Darrell and Faith Wooten pastor. Darrell and I were in college together and Faith and Kelsey were in high school together. Go figure.

The drive to and from was punctuated by a quick trip through Iola, Kansas - the little burg where Kelsey and I briefly lived after graduating from college. Of course, I called the other car in the caravan and made them put me on the speaker phone so I could narrate the journey. They were kind enough to pretend to be interested.

We got home about 1:30am. As Kelsey put it, this glamorous life of travel (to Bartlesville?) is not easy.

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