Time flies when you're completely smoked.

Friends, do not confuse the lack of blogging with the lack of thinking. I haven't had much time to blog lately, but trust me, the ol' bean is spinning at a rate that would undoubtably void the warranty, were I not already out of warranty.

It's creeping toward 10:30pm, and I'm studying for my Worldview class for the Daniel Academy. I do not wish to be doing this at 10:30pm, but other duties have forced the issue. Meanwhile, a concerted effort goes on to bury me with email.

I have taken this break while my french press coffee brews. Shortly I will pour it...into my favorite mug, knowing the earthy taste will match the ceramic perfectly. Coffee made in the french press always reminds me of nights on the playa around the fire. This is probably because french pressed coffee tastes a little like you dumped dirt in it. It is strange to me that I find this a comforting thought.

Note - this blog has been interrupted four times by emails. Two of which I needed to answer.

Did I mention we're busy right now? I kind of hate to, because everyone is busy...and it's never cool to compare one's busy-ness with another one's busy-ness. Sort of a mind your own busy-ness unspoken rule. I can, however, compare it to our own schedule, and let me tell you that the Bohlenders have never been cranking so hard in our lives.

TheCall Las Vegas is racing at us like two gigantic dice across the felt topped table of life...and we're all in. Behind it races KC. And Cincinnati. And Florida. And Atlanta and San Francisco. My hard drive is a tangle of contracts, protocols, invitations, and headaches. I have started to automate as many systems as I can. Note: Automate means, primarily, forward them to my assistant.

I'd like to take a moment to sing the praises of my new assistant, who I am exceedingly happy with, although I will not name said assistant lest one of you louses offers her a job. She works hard, answers her email in a very timely fashion, and takes no back seat on the Baloney Generation Bus. Anyway, suffice it to say she is one of my peeps, and as I've said before, my peeps rock.

I am also greatly jazzed about my fam. My little girl turned 1 officially today, although the boys have been celebrating for a month. Grayson's digging soccer. Jackson's making films (I recommend The Swear Patch). Zion is strumming his little heart out. And Kelsey is the best wife in all of history...a scholar, a mother, a teacher and a babe all wrapped up in one package.

Busy? I say bring it on. We are one rolling party.


Sean The Red said...


This m,essage brought to you by thelackofconfidenceinmovingpartsinsideacomputer.org, a non profit think tank dedicated to exposing the real possibility of a meltdown if that mother gets lost, stolen, or damaged....

Gayle C said...

Checked out Jackson's movies and swear patch is pretty funny. However, I thought the brother's head peaking around the doorway during Mr. Roger's neighborhood was hysterical!