Spin, wheel, spin!

I'm holed up in a neighborhood Panera, writing a message on the rewiring of the American dream...I just wandered to the front to refill my coffee cup when I overheard two young executive types talking about their companies.

Apparently things weren't going well for one of them, as I heard him say "We're in a bit of an innovation crunch..."

Ha! Innovation crunch! How's that for a nice way to say "We're flat out of ideas....".

Innovation Crunch - your newest variety of bagel from Panera.


retro said...

I think I get crunched every time I go to Panera. Run clean out of ideas. Jittery, too. CBB

Anita Hensley said...

gotta love the american spin culture. wonder how they'll describe armageddon... restructuring?

Esther Irwin said...

I had to look up Panera on The Google b/c we don't have those in NZ. Do you know there are over 2 million hits in .42 seconds on Panera? Must not be too crunched. The bread looks yummy on the home page, tho.