Rest done right.

Laying low around the house this morning as the kids rest. I'll head in later today for meetings, but my morning is full of little boys listening to Adventures in Odyssey, a banana-eating 1 year old, and...a pot of GREAT coffee!

Thanks to missionary Earl Rutledge, who ran across my blog some time back, heard about TheCall, bought a ticket from Nicaragua and came to see what it was all about...along with a MONSTER bag of Nicaraguan coffee for me!

It feels like the spoils of war to me....


reallyniceday said...

I definitely need more foreign coffee drinkers reading my blog.

Oh, the possibilities!

Earl Rutledge said...

I definitly enjoyed the school of intercession Thur and Fri and the Call on Saturday was excellent. It was totally worth the investment of time, money and coffee to be there, participate and bless Las Vegas. MERCY!!!

Drink more Nicaraguan coffee!!!