We will issue TheCall in my city...

Landing a place for TheCall is an intricate dance. It involves dates - some prophetic, some arbitrary. Add in venue availability or lack thereof, and local leaders, or lack thereof. The final mix has to be just right for it all to come together.

It is all coming together for TheCall Cincinnati - January 12th, 2008.

I flew to Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday afternoon, rented a car and drove down to Cincinnati, where I spent Thursday in meetings with city leaders - most of them long time friends - about the potential of TheCall Cincinnati. A highlight for me was breakfast with Dave Workman, pastor of the Vineyard.

The last time I had any extended time with Dave was over four years ago, when we spent an hour or so at Barnes and Noble. That time, the gist of our conversation was "Uh, Dave....I'm quitting." This week's latte and bagel at Panera was a lot more fun.

Dave is one of the most likable guys on the planet, smart, funny and warm. Oh yea, he's a poet too. One of the best writer/speakers I've heard. It was great fun to be with him and not have to be worrying about how to tell him that I'm quitting....

One of Dave's genius ideas (assuming it was his...) is his blog, "What I meant to say", geared towards all those things he wished he would have had time to say on the Sunday before. Every preacher knows the feeling "Oh, if I could have only gone there, but I didn't have time....". Dave blogs it each week, developing his message in places and ways he never could during any of the four or five celebrations.

Late that afternoon, having had my fill of Panera, Buskin, Skyline, Starbucks and Chipotle (I told you, I was meeting with Pastors...) I drove back to Dayton and got ready for my flight to Milwaukee that would connect me back to KC. Unfortunately, Milwaukee fog delayed my plane. Dayton told me that I'd never make the connection - I'd best stay in Dayton and fly out this morning, which I did.

Lesson learned: Never stay in a hotel that can be walked to from the terminal. Kinda should have seen that one coming.

Regardless, I'm jazzed about TheCall Cincinnati - January 12, US Bank Arena. Be there.


steven hamilton said...

awesome...i think dave workman is a great guy.

what a difference a few years make...i'm kinda surprised that the pastors aren't more inviting a weary traveller like yourself for a home-cokked meal...i suppose, at least, there was a small ethnic variety to all that food...mm, making me hungry now...gotta run!

Kristi Walsh said...

Isn't it interesting how one can move away and be most decidedly done with a season of life in a particular place, but that city is still referred to as "my" city?

I can certainly identify.....

Randy Bohlender said...

Kristi -

I'm not sure if it was Kels' being from Cinci or what, but I love that city. And fall...my favorite season. I often end up visiting Cinci in the fall and it's torturous.

Then I come back to KC.