Stuff I learned today...

  • A man can wake up in Kansas City, fly to Phoenix, have a day of meetings, and fly back. That man will be very tired when he gets home.
  • The Phoenix airport ("Sky Harbor..." for real) is situated so far from the rental car depot that said depot could double as the Flagstaff airport rental car depot.
  • Zach's mom is very nice. And young adults' parents are getting younger as my kids get older.
  • Tiffani Edwards' folks - very cool. Same for her brother, Josh.
  • The Community Church of Joy has a campus of 17 buildings according to the big "you are here" board. None of the 17 were the one I was looking for. That one is off campus.
  • Number of radio stations my rental car picked up: 20. Number of those broadcasting in English: about five.
  • Number of good places to eat in the airport: None that I found.
Good night. Over and out.

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Zack said...

She is quite amazing isn't she!