I Blog Corrected

I really dislike the nature of anonymous comments and generally just delete them, but someone made the following comment on my Bohlender on Bollinger post that I thought warranted posting here rather than burying it in the comments section.
"please stop calling Ahmadine..(can't spell it anyway) a dictator. You either lack information or just not frank. This guy was freely elected in Iran. His mission is to protect his country's interests in the region. That is it. US is very agressive in the region so he has to be agressive too. It is quite simple actually.

"Dictator" by definition is the guy who controls everything in the country and can single handedly do what ever he likes. But Iran has parlament and a lot of other powerful folks including religious leaders. US and CNN calls him Dictator but that is either done intentionally or CNN guys are illiterate... "

You are correct - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - was elected and his mission is to protect his country's interest. I will also note that the same could be said for Adolph Hitler, a man whom Ahmadinejad seems to be patterning his thoughts after.

When reading my comments about Ahmadinejad, feel free to delete the word dictator and replace it with the word nutcase.


chuck said...

I was thinking screwball dictator, but, ok, nutcase works just as good. Sure is a lot easier to spell.

eric wright said...

Not only do you gotta love the anonymous comment...you gotta love the fact that the person making the comment couldn't take the time to look up the correct spelling of the dic...um, I mean...nutcase's name he is trying to defend. Add that to the lousy grammar while calling CNN illiterate.

That made me laugh.

Randy Bohlender said...

Eric - oh, I know. I just wasn't going to go there! ha!

Sean The Red said...

you are assuming it was an English speaking american right? Fromt he reading, Im betting it was someone outside the US.

They made a great point, and Im glad you posted it. That man is by no means the decision maker in all things Persian Kingdom. While he is powerful, the religious leaders are pretty powerful too. He was elected, true. and I think he is REALLY smart in some ways, which is really scary.

Of course we are close to seeing Barack elected, which scares me worse than Hillary.

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

Where is Anonymous now? I guy has to know when he comments to follow up on said comments. Excellent post Randy!

Randy Bohlender said...

To be fair, they did have a follow up comment but it didn't add to the conversation, to I booted it.

Call me a dictator. I don't care.

carl said...

nutcase? Has "wacko" fallen out of favor these days?