Faith comes by hearing...

When the boys started school this fall, we had an opportunity to buy audio cd's of the Bible at a discount. Kelsey ordered a set. They're Tyndale's New Living Translation, and I didn't really pay them much attention.

I am not an auditory learner. This is a high class way of saying that I don't listen. Generally, if someone is trying to read me something, I impatiently grab the paper from them and say "let me read that...". When I read it, I get it.

I guess this is why I was so surprised to find myself loading them into my computer for transfer to my iPod as rapidly as I could (61 cds, 70 hrs, it's going to take a while...). In listening to these - in particular, the Proverbs - I am finding a newness to the Word. It is liberating to hear the proverbs and allow the power of the words to wash over me, giving me a few seconds of application opportunity without the stress of reading the next one.

Great stuff. I'm going to plug in right now.

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Earl Rutledge said...

Good deal... here is a another one. http://www.bibleonradio.com/ has the downloads or go to itunes and get the downloads automaticly for One Year Bible on Radio by Tom Dooley.

They use the New Living Translation. The negative is that it's in daily readings for reading the Bible in one year using daily readings, therefore you can't choose just a particular book or chapter and listen to it all at once. Second, they have introductions at the beginning that are sometimes... are commentaries. Still, it's a good option and it's a good quality recording.