Vacation photos...

I could resist this photo op because nothing says TOURIST like loading your kids on a green dinosaur in front of a gas station.

Me and my two best girls. Never had two girls before. For many years I had no girl at all. This is better.

Bob Fraser, Zoe and I hiking up to St Mary's Glacier. Note Bob is prepared to hike with boots and a backpack. I forgo function for fashion and wear my Rocketdogs. Zoe looks at Bob as if she knows something she's not telling.

Kelsey and Zion found a niche up in a rock while the bigger boys climbed higher...and higher.

Click on this photo for the big version for the full effect - Grayson climbed up pretty high with the Fraser boys for this one...and then went higher.

Here they are scrambling up the rocks. Camera batteries croaked or you'd have a better appreciation for this.

Almost every photo we have of Zion has him striking a pose with his pocket knife!! It was his constant companion.

We loved Breckenridge - and hanging out with the Frasers and Glisermans.


Danielle said...

You were totally right about the vacation pictures!

javamamma said...

Are you perhaps a tourist in Nebraska for the first photo? I believe I've seen that ol' dino before....Maybe not.