Update from the road

We are eastbound on I-70, about forty minutes west of Denver. As much as we're going to miss the mountains, I look forward to getting back to the flatland where the Suburban left at least fifty horsepower. The 10,000 feet elevation in the Breckenridge are made our big V8 gasp for air.

This has been a phenomenal vacation. We hiked up past the tree line to glaciers, where some shaggy haired nut was snowboarding down the ice. We rode bikes the 17 miles down Vail pass. We didn't rest much, but we sure had fun.

Reentry is always a little odd, isn't it? I can't point to any epiphany or intense God encounter, but my journal tells me I know myself a little better and have a new resolve to be nothing else. That's well worth a drive to the mountains.
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Gayle C said...

And I miss them every day! They are a piece of heaven on earth.