Sioux Falls, SD...

We arrived in Sioux Falls very, very late last night - like 1:30am - to discover that our hotel room smelled like an ashtray, so they moved us. It was 2am until we shut the lights off. I woke up at 8am sick as a DOG. Major head ache. Muscle ache. Everything ache.

The miracle of ibuprofen had me up and running for our afternoon session, and then I was slammed again. I walked out of the building and climbed in the truck, where it was probably 110 degrees but it felt great to me - I was freezing. Fortunately I was feeling better by the time I started teaching again in the evening.

We did three sessions today. Tomorrow, Kelsey will teach a morning and afternoon session, and then in the evening she'll teach at The River, which is the college ministry of Church at the Gate. Saturday, I'll do two in the morning, she'll do the afternoon and evening. Of course, that evening I'll be across town teaching at their regular Saturday night service and then do two more on Sunday. Are we tired yet? :)

Good to be here - I realized this is the closest I've been to home in about 10 years. And even then, no North or South Dakotan would call this close.

Stick a fork in me. I'm done. I'm hitting the sack.

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Tracie Loux said...

Covering you guys in prayer!
Be healed, Be strengthened!