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The Rocky Mountains are so visually arresting that I can think of no place, save the playa, that is so horribly communicated in photographs. Even the great shots pale in comparison to the actual views. Regardless, here are a few more - some personal, some scenery, all good vacation memories. Again, double click the photos for the big picture...

I took this shot looking up the St. Mary's glacier. I love the starkness of it. Later, Grayson and I climbed high up a rock outcropping and crossed the glacier on a nearly flat spot. I kept thinking that if we slipped, we'd slide all the way down into Denver.

This waterfall tumbles down into an alpine lake. Kelsey actually got Grayson and Zion up near the falls while Jackson and I hauled Zoe back down the mountain to drive the 'Burban to a closer pickup spot.

Zion crossing a creek. You should have seen his face when he realized that this wasn't a game...and that dad really expected him to walk across that log! He did a great job. This day we climbed about 1700 vertical feet through the forest to above the tree line. Climbing is all about power-to-weight ratios and Zion had us SMOKED in that department!

Why are these people smiling? Because they finally found a legal place to have a campfire! Left to right: Emily, Jessica, Mary & Joe Gliserman, Zion, Grayson, Kelsey, Zoe, myself and Jackson. Glisermans are also former East Tennesseans, a part of the leadership team of The Daniel Academy and all around fun peeps to know.

Grayson celebrates Tree Huggers Day on the left while Daniel Fraser reveals that he is, in fact, a superhero. Anyone with an Academy named after him must be pretty cool...Jackson looks on in awe.

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Esther Irwin said...

I love your family! You always seem to have so much fun together.