We have a dilema.

Local gas pumps are programmed to shut off at $75. Their assumption is that anyone who pumps $75 probably drove off and ripped off the hose, leaving it to pump out on the ground.

Of course, at the current price of gas, this means I can't pump my Suburban full of gas without swiping the card and restarting the pump.

I guess some see the tank half empty. I choose to see it half full, but I'm still irritated.


Brian said...

So... yeah... I found that out when I was moving from Seattle to Las Vegas... the U-Haul took about $100 to fill up and I had to swipe twice EVERY SINGLE TIME :-)

Kelly Marischler said...

Thank you, this reminds me that I am glad I downsized.
Although I don't usually fill all the way up- it is nice to know it wouldn't be more than $60.

Tracie Loux said...

grrrrrr, yes! on vacation one gas station was apparently set to shut off at $50. We happily got on the road thinking, well that wasn't too bad, until we looked down and saw that it was only 3/4 full.

Earl Rutledge said...

After 2 days last week without lights, 4 days without telephone, and 12 hours without water yesterday, I'm thankful I can buy gas at $4.37 a gallon.

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...


Solution: don't wait until the ligts & bells go off to fill up the tank. Shoot for half full, when its $5 bucks a gallon shoot for 3/4 full and its time to refuel. When you've heard the bells and seen the light its too late!

Can't you sync your fancy new phone or one of the electronic devices that are always breaking to allow you to track current price per gallon and your tanks current fuel level and send you an alert!

Hey if you invent this I know some media guys and we could sell this thing on a late night infomercial and fund a couple of houses of prayer!

Todd said...

The Valero by FSM has $100 limit. Which puts one of those white whales at about half a tank.

Nathan DeWitt said...

It's not the gas station's fault. It's the credit card. Most cards have a $75 limit where a signature is not required, some are $50, and one is like $40 or something. Occasionally they'll raise the limit.

This stops people from using self service machines to buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on a stolen card.